In her classic book, Awakening at Midlife, Jungian analyst Kathleen Brehony tells the story of a successful attorney, who at 39, relates that he’s not actively unhappy, he just feels empty, that something is missing. Soon after, he experiences a heart pounding anxiety attack, and can’t understand what happened to his successful and ordered [...]

Choosing Life

January 8, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Maybe it’s because I’m feeling great this morning after a new workout regimen I started at the gym yesterday, but this piece in today’s New York Times, Disease Invades a Body, and Endorphins Kick In, is so uplifting I have to share it. It describes people with serious illnesses - diabetes, brain cancer, advanced [...]

No matter what we may say we want and strive for, at the end of our endeavors–with our money, comfort and kudos firmly in hand - what we are hoping to achieve is peace of mind, contentment, a stilling of the many voices that compete for air time in our awareness. Sometimes we get [...]

Let’s face it. Change is scary. Whether it’s walking into party of a roomful of strangers, or becoming a new parent, you feel you are losing something essential. And you are. Your identity is on the line. You are shedding an old role, or self-image, and exposing yourself to new [...]

I’ve always been interested in the interior life. In emotions, perception, the different ways that people see or process the same event or feeling, and the ways that cultures unevenly encourage some qualities and feelings and not others. I think it’s fair to say that one of our greatest challenges as humans is [...]

“People always seem to prefer guilt to helplessness. No one wants to feel completely powerless, so they’d rather blame themselves because in blaming at least there’s a sense that it’s someone’s fault.” (Joan Borsyenko, Ph.D.)
There’s a vital distinction between healthy and unhealthy guilt. Healthy guilt is the recognition that you did something [...]