As these Tips have taken a decidedly philosophical bent lately, I thought it might be instructive to describe some of their underpinnings, as they clearly reflect life viewed through a very particular lens. To frame it as broadly as possible in the language of my own thinking, what shines through most clearly is decidedly [...]

Ever wonder if that “intuitive flash” you just experienced was in fact the most brilliant insight you’ve ever had, or perhaps the most foolish? You’re not alone, of course. Learning to distinguish intuition from wishful thinking, or impulse can be challenging. But it is a learnable skill. As Christina Baldwin writes [...]

It often seems that our minds are thinking all the time. However, as meditation practitioners soon discover, it’s not true at all. There’s a lot of space between our thoughts. Thoughts arise and then fall, and are replaced with new thoughts. With some practice, it’s easy to notice this space between thoughts, [...]

One of the truths we take for granted in our western culture is that we can understand and explain who we are and who we can become by examining our childhoods. We believe that who we are is an extension of the past– of our family relationships and environment, or of any abuse [...]