The consequences of not being mindful of what we eat as we age has just been upped a notch, as a new study on memory decline due to mild glucose imbalance indicates. For most of us, exercise is still our best bet for maintaining that balance.
This headline reminded me a remarkable documentary I saw [...]

Choosing Life

January 8, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Maybe it’s because I’m feeling great this morning after a new workout regimen I started at the gym yesterday, but this piece in today’s New York Times, Disease Invades a Body, and Endorphins Kick In, is so uplifting I have to share it. It describes people with serious illnesses - diabetes, brain cancer, advanced [...]

How to Choose Well

January 30, 2000 | Leave a Comment

Learning to choose well is a valuable skill, saving time and hassles, building your confidence and self-worth, and generating its own positive momentum. Fortunately, with attention and care, it’s a skills that can be developed. Good choices are reality based, and making the right ones are based on what matters most to you, given all [...]

As these Tips have taken a decidedly philosophical bent lately, I thought it might be instructive to describe some of their underpinnings, as they clearly reflect life viewed through a very particular lens. To frame it as broadly as possible in the language of my own thinking, what shines through most clearly is decidedly [...]

Do you know people who complain a lot? You offer suggestions or advice, or even your sympathy, but nothing seems to move them? Or they have a reason why each of your ideas won’t work? How often do you refuse to be moved off your point, even when it might be [...]

In our society stress seems accepted as a way of life. In coaching we say that people are “running on adrenaline” (in honor of the hormone faithfully secreted from the adrenal glands), when they push, rush around to get things done or meet deadlines, and generally operate from a sense of urgency in their [...]

“People always seem to prefer guilt to helplessness. No one wants to feel completely powerless, so they’d rather blame themselves because in blaming at least there’s a sense that it’s someone’s fault.” (Joan Borsyenko, Ph.D.)
There’s a vital distinction between healthy and unhealthy guilt. Healthy guilt is the recognition that you did something [...]

One of the truths we take for granted in our western culture is that we can understand and explain who we are and who we can become by examining our childhoods. We believe that who we are is an extension of the past– of our family relationships and environment, or of any abuse [...]