The consequences of not being mindful of what we eat as we age has just been upped a notch, as a new study on memory decline due to mild glucose imbalance indicates. For most of us, exercise is still our best bet for maintaining that balance.
This headline reminded me a remarkable documentary I saw [...]

If you’re finding yourself with, er, time on your hands from a layoff, here’s a way to start your year making lemonade out of your pink slip. Courtesy of this 15% special ‘layoff” discount from the folks at Intrepid Travel, it may be that just chilling a while isn’t a bad strategy [...]

Here’s a little holiday virtual stocking stuffer for you. Heaven knows it’s been a tough few months, and if you aren’t already, weaving mini self-care practices into your daily routine might just be the best investment that you could make right now. The Desktop Spa is one of my essential health care secrets. [...]

It’s a time honored tradition, traveling to seek health. Pilgrims to Lourdes journeyed for a miracle. The well-heeled traveled to Battle Creek for rest and rejuvenation. Cancer patients seek unconventional cures in Mexico. Businessmen travel to the Mayo Clinic for regular check ups. And modern women go spa-ing to regain their ground, or for a [...]

“Being with” unwelcome and painful emotions, and threatening or confusing thoughts is difficult. They often evoke strong, visceral responses. It’s nice to recommend staying with difficult feelings as a way to get through them, but how do you do that? Some moments can be overwhelming, literally, physiologically. The nervous system, flooded with conflicting [...]

It’s the New Year and a new opportunity to take some time to reflect on various aspects of your life, to gauge how your inner vision matches up with what’s actually true in your life. It’s a natural and beneficial habit to raise your head above the familiar daily routine to see if the road [...]

One thing that holds people back from achieving their full potential is a low, sometimes crippling, sense of self-worth. While the causes of low self-esteem are various and open to speculation, understanding its origin is sometimes less useful in overcoming it than is becoming aware of the specific habits of speech and thought that [...]

As these Tips have taken a decidedly philosophical bent lately, I thought it might be instructive to describe some of their underpinnings, as they clearly reflect life viewed through a very particular lens. To frame it as broadly as possible in the language of my own thinking, what shines through most clearly is decidedly [...]

Do you share an intimate rapport with your body? Do you carry on an internal dialog with your headache, tight shoulders, or tired feet? Have you ever noticed when your body just doesn’t want to go in the same direction you intend to take it? More importantly, do you ever ask it [...]

No matter what we may say we want and strive for, at the end of our endeavors–with our money, comfort and kudos firmly in hand - what we are hoping to achieve is peace of mind, contentment, a stilling of the many voices that compete for air time in our awareness. Sometimes we get [...]

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