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Welcome to Ahead of the Curve at Midlife, where you’ll find good company, fresh ideas and innovative resources for your midlife journey.

Boomers famously reinvent every life stage we enter, and this one is no different. If midlife can feel like stepping off into a great chasm - it’s also an opportunity to sort through our experiences to bring forth news ways of being in the next phase of life.

We are two long time friends whose experience follows the notion that midlife is a rite of passage meant to deepen our wholeness and authenticity. As roles and priorities change, we move beyond identities formed by our successes, and become more reflective for a while. Midlife is soul work. It’s a time of re-purposing in the great cauldron of creative potential. The passage is complete when we find a new purpose that aligns with our deepest values, and commit to giving it expression in everything we do.

Easier said than done! Transitioning is a process, not an event, like showing up at your desk for a new job. There are navigational skills involved - like learning, unlearning, managing stress, understanding your role and relationship with co-workers, letting go of your old self-image, knowing your strengths, limitations, preferences, and needs. For starters. Transitioning also demands imagination, support, ideas, and most of all, patience, and time to incubate in the ‘in-between’ space.

In a word, creation is a messy business, and it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Midlife is happening to 78 million of us, and for such an important life passage, there’s a dearth of information or resources to support it.

So we’ve created this site to let in some air, and to shed light on the many facets of “in-between”. This site is a place to coax out lessons learned and to let go gracefully of what’s past. A place to commiserate with fellow sojourners. A place for fresh ideas on moving forward. And most of all, a place for practical resources, tools, information, and news every midlifer needs for the journey.

We’re gathering them together for you. Resources for finding meaningful new work, information on taking care of your health, support for tending to the needs of aging parents, tools for greening your life, finding ways to balance new demands, and ideas and guidance for managing your finances to fund the next phase of your life. Think of us as Transition Central, putting put you ahead of the curve at midlife.

Join us. Add your voice. Leave your comments or email us. Tell us what inspires and guides you, what’s hard, what’s surprised you, and what’s deepened you. Tell us what you’d like us to see us address. What do you need right now?

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With warm best wishes on your path,

Kathleen Daniel & Jennifer Montgomery
[email protected]

So you know, we have been deeply inspired and influenced by many thought leaders, including:

* Joan Borsyenko
* James Hillman
* Debbie Ford
* Don Beck
* Carolyn Myss
* Angeles Arrien
* Peter Senge
* Gaye and Kathryn Hendricks
* Thomas Moore
* Deepak Chopra
* Ram Dass
* Matthew Fox
* Jean Shinoda Bolen
* Barbara Marx Hubbard
* Marianne Williamson
* Jean Houston
* Corinne McLaughlin & Gordon Davidson
* Werner Erhard
* Thomas Leonard
* Christiane Northrup
* Steve Levine

We hope you’ll add your experience and voice to our community.

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