I take care of my mother, who has Alzheimer’s, and I’ve been in serious need of a system to help me track the myriad activities, service providers, and expenditures involved in her care. I happened to come across an ad for a free tool kit for organizing health care expenses, so I checked out [...]

The quickest way to push for a more just and sustainable economy is by using our purchasing power to encourage social and environmental change. How we shop, where we bank, and the manner in which we invest our money, are key actions we can take every day to help establish new patterns of local and [...]

I am a great fan of micro-finance, granting small loans to entrepreneurs in developing communities that empower them to help themselves. Muhammad Yunus was an early innovator in making credit and technical assistance available on a large scale to people who otherwise wouldn’t have been eligible. When he won the Nobel Peace prize for his [...]

Do you want to know more simple natural healing techniques to help yourself, family or friends without having to reach for OTC drugs? Are you interested in expanding your holistic lifestyle in a way that earns you a little extra income as well? Maybe you’re a nurse and would like to [...]